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Congrats to Frank Matthews III on his first 300 game! Bowled at Tropicana Lanes on December 6.

As we start a new season, some changes have occurred.  We have heard from bowlers that they would like to see an 11-in-a- row award again.  So the St Louis USBC Association will be awarding an 11-in-a-row certificate this year.  We will again be awarding a 300 game and 800 series award, plus the achievement awards.
Don't forget the tournaments we have.  Bowling's two main charities are the BVL for hospitalized veterans and the Susan Komen Fund.  We have tournaments to support those, plus a youth tournament, championship tournament, women's tournament and seniors tournament.  Come on and join the fun.

Frank Barnhart, St. Louis USBC President
Association President
Beginning with the 2014-15 season, USBC will no longer be providing adult achievement awards to the associations.  The associations have to decide what awards they wish to give. The St Louis USBC Association WILL be awarding awards to our bowlers.  USBC will no longer be providing the youth emblems this year but we will continue to provide awards this year 

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